Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Photos Of Justin Bieber's New Sexy Girlfriend

American pop-star Justin Bieber has finally recovered from his break-up with the singer Selena Gomez and started new relationships with 18-year-old fitness model Yovanna Ventura.
Photo: Justin Bieber and his new girlfriend Yovanna Ventura
According to Pulse report, the heartbreaker Bieber shared the romantic beach photo (see above) taken in Venice on his Instagram page.
Learn the 5 curious facts about the girl who managed to steal Justin's heart:
She is a fitness model

Goat Born With 8 Legs With Both Male And Female Sex Organs In Croatia

A newborn goat has shocked the farmers with having extra limbs and reproductive organs in Croatia.PHOTOS: Baby Goat With 8 Legs And Both Sex Organs Shocked Farmers
The owner of the farm, Mr Paparic, is showing the baby goat with 8 legs
According to Zoran Paparic, the owner of the farm, he couldn't believe his eyes when saw something resembling a scary creature from a horror film. Vets assume that the mutation was caused by an underdeveloped twin sibling goat.
PHOTOS: Baby Goat With 8 Legs And Both Sex Organs Shocked Farmers

Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Shared Holiday Pics

Kanye and Kim share cute and funny pictures from their romantic holiday in Mexico.
One of Kanye’s pics from their holiday with Kim was turned into an Internet meme thanks to his grumpy sad pose.
Couple shared some of their holiday pics and one of those photos even got to become an Internet meme.
Though one of photos showed Kanye with a very surprising grin while he was zip-lining, the other one, with a more usual sad face was turned into a meme.

Kim seemed pretty scared of heights as they were hanging high in the air.

Woman Caught on Office CCTV Filling Milk Carton with Her Own Breast Milk

A female office worker has been caught on tape filling a milk carton with her own breast milk.
In the CCTV footage that has recently gone viral, an unidentified woman is seen entering an office kitchen and making herself a cup of coffee. She then takes a carton of milk from the fridge, pours some into her drink and suddenly lift her dress to the chest level. She apparently fills the carton with her breast milk.
The reasons for her doing so are yet unknown.
It should be noted that human milk (breast milk) is essential for feeding infants. Also, breast milk has been consumed and used throughout centuries, especially for medicinal purposes. However, nowadays breast milk is not produced or distributed industrially or commercially, as it's not peculiar to the majority of world cultures.
Scroll down to watch the - Woman Caught on Office CCTV Filling Milk Carton with Her Own Breast Milk

Lion Caught In Poacher's Snare Survived for THREE YEARS As Siblings Fed Him

Photo - INCREDIBLE: Trapped Lion Survived for THREE YEARS As His Brothers And Sisters Fed Him (PHOTOS)
A young male lion caught in a snare which slowly tightened around his neck as he grew older survived for three years as the siblings in his pride kept him alive by bringing him back prey they had hunted.
The lion was first spotted trapped in the snare in Mikumi National park in Tanzania back in 2009 but about seven attempts of vets to tranquilise and rescue him failed.
After three years, the cord had become so tightly wrapped around the lion's neck that he was left unable to hunt and his gaping wound attracted flies and infection. But, eventually the lion was found by park rangers in August and vets managed to sedate him and cut away the electrical wire snare.
According to William Mwakilema, Chief Park Warden in Mikumi National Park, by the time he was found he was so weak he was unable to hunt. He said that it's unusual situation because it is natural for pride to kill weak male lions instead of keeping him alive by sharing the food.

Justin Bieber Trying To Get With Kim Kardashian's Younger Sister

Kim Kardashian's little step sister, Kylie Jenner's friendship with pop star Justin Bieber is on the rise recently despite having a falling out with Bieber's on and off again girlfriend Selena Gomez.
It had been reported by TMZ recently that Kylie and big sister Kendall have been having problems with Selena because of Kylie's recent relationship with the Canadian Bieber.
Well after all these issues, Kylie suprised many by posing with Justin for a quite close picture after they were partying in Las Vegas following Mayweather's fight.
Also with Bieber in the photo was not only Kylie but sexy model Yovanna Ventura, but Justin was giving Kylie all his attention though.
A Us Weekly source had said that Selena is pissed off at Kylie's recent behavior around Bieber, but maybe she was overreacting to the recent friendship.

Rihanna Flashes Her Bum In Backless Dress

Rihanna stuns in a silky gown flashing her bum in the after party for Met Ball 2014.
Rihanna is famous for being not a very shy celebrity and rather than covering up parts of her body that seem to show under her clothes she usually takes a pretty sultry pose instead.
Just hours after she shined in a gorgeous white top and skirt ensemble by Stella McCartney at Met Ball 2014, she was seen in NYC After Party showing off her amazing figure in a silky metallic backless dress.

To show off her figure she took a great pose and made sure that everyone saw that ‘top of her bottom’ was exposed.

Girl Accused Of Giving Sperm-Filled Cupcakes To School Offenders

When bullying comes too far even the most obedient and kind person can explode with emotions and arrange "a sweet life" for the offenders.
REVENGE: Girl Feeds School Bullies With Semen Filled Cupcakes
The teenage girl fed her school offenders with "sperm filled" cupcakes in California, USA
A high-school vindictive girl regaled her snooty schoolmates with home-made cupcakes supposedly filled with sperm in California, USA. The unusual case was under investiation as one of the offenders had some digestive problems after eating a cupcake and had to stay at home.
Also the local TV station received an anonymous call accusing the teenager in putting pubic hair, semen, out of date food and pills into the dough. Talking about the incident the prankster сonfessed that she just wanted to revenge the bullies for all the pain and suffering.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Shantel Jackson And Nelly Attack Floyd Mayweather For Posting Abortion News

After Flyod Mayweather's recent attack at his ex fiancée Shantel Jackson for sharing photos of herself with rap superstar Nelly.
Flyod had revealed she had aborted his unborn babies and that was why they broke up.
Shantel and Nelly have reacted to Flyod's attack with Shantel claiming that with this recent comment by Mayweather, His dream of buying the NBA team the Clippers is over.

Painfull Truth: She Aborted Our Babies - Flyod Mayweather

Undefeated Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather has revealed the reason he broke up with his girlfriend Shantel Jackson through his instagram.
Floyd posted a picture of an ultrasound result saying that Shantel aborted their twin babies and thats why he broke it up.
The picture was posted on Instagram and on his Facebook account and he commented saying: "The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she got a abortion, and I’m totally against killing babies. She killed our twin babies."
They had split last year strangely after Flyod had given her a $10 million diamond engagement ring.

Future Reveals How Long It Took Him To Bed Fiance Ciara

Superstar hook singer Future is busy promoting his recent album and dropped in at morning radio show, Sway In The Morning and talked about his music and relationship with pregnant diva Ciara.
He revealed a bit too much saying it didn't take him time to have sex with Ciara.
Excerpts: On how much time did it take him to get Ciara to lay with him
Wow. Man, it don’t never take me long with nothing. (Sway: A couple months?) Couple months? It aint never took me a couple months for that. We gone just leave that off the record though.
On his new single with Kanye West “I Won,”

Near-Nude Miley Cyrus In Her New Music Video Shows Her...

We all almost get used to Miley Cyrus' artsy antics but it seems this young lady will never cease to amaze us.
Warning: Graphic Images
PHOTOS, VIDEO: Near-Nude Miley Cyrus Releases Her Most X-Rated Video (+18 Only)
This time a perverse pop-star shot a new music video that will definitely drop your jaws. The video on her new track Tongue Tied was created with the help of Quentin Jones, model, illustrator and film-maker.

PHOTOS: How Japanese Teen Brushes His Teeth With Real Gun

Photo - WATCH: How Japanese Teen Brushes His Teeth With Real Gun
A Japanese teenager makes one of the stupidest video where he tried to brush his teeth with a real automatic gun.
The teenager whose YouTube nickname is tokioFN in a series of agonising clips neatly applies toothpaste to his brush before attaching it to several guns.
When Japanese teen firmly attached the toothbrush to the gun, he fires the weapons - which makes the whole contraption perform a violent brushing motion.
The teenager appears to be visibly pained on more than one occasion, as the recoil of the gun blasts the toothbrush into his mouth.

REVEALED: Nigeria Received Millions Of Dollars From US Government To Fight Boko Haram

The United States Government has assisted Nigeria to the tune of $20 Million or N3.176 billion in form of military funding assistance to fight terrorism dating back to 2012, according to the US State Department officials.
According to Sahara Reporters, the substantial amount in assistance has been largely under-reported, although it is a small amount in relative to the huge amount the U.S. has spent in other countries fighting terrorism.
It was also gathered that ‘back channel’ discussions with Nigerian officials have been ‘stepped-up’ since the car bomb attack at Nyanya motor park in Abuja on April 15th, 2014.
The media outlet reported that a State Department official, who did want to be identified, revealed that several details of the talks and thinking inside the agency have been going on but not widely reported.