Sunday, 15 June 2014

R. Kelly’s Transgender Daughter Finally Speaks Out

Fourteen-year-old daughter of R&B star, Robert Kelly, Jaya Kelly, has finally come out to speak about her reported transgender and the fact that she has changed her name to Jay.
It was reported last weekend that the daughter of 'Trapped in the Closet' crooner disclosed via her social media pages over the weekend that she now wants to be recognised as a male.
It was also stated that Jay posted on his facebook account that his famous father hasn’t spoken to him since the revelation.
In an interview with, Jay explained that although he was born female, he has identified as a male since the age of “6 or 7”.
* Jaya Kelly, now wants to be recognised as Jay

Guide Jumps Into Water To Feed Wild Alligators With His Mouth

Photo - Man Feeds Wild Alligators With His Mouth
A man jumps from a swamp boat in the water to feed chicken and marshmallows to two alligators. At one point the guide puts a marshmallow in his mouth and lets one of the gators snatch it away.
The scene was captured on video by Stacy Hicks of St. Helens, Oregon, who visited the area in May. The video has been shared more than 100,000 times on Facebook.

PHOTOS: Sex Workers Storm Venues Of 2014 World Cup In Brazil

Brazilian prostitutes have been reported to be cashing in on the ongoing 2014 FIFA World Cup holding in Brazil.
Daily Mirror reports that around 4,000 girls are expected to be working in Rio’s Vila Mimosa offering football “specials” to fans from nations around the world.
It was gathered that the English fans are among those being specifically targeted by sex workers in Brazil’s biggest red light district as the competition gets under way on Thursday, 12 June, 2014.
Some reports suggest some women have been initiated into the sex trade specifically for the Mundial as fans descend on the city from around the globe.
Investigation carried out by different medial platforms indicate that the sex workers earn 60 Real – just €20 – for a half-hour of sex.
It was also gathered that many of the prostitutes are convinced they can secure a passport to a better life with fans from other countries.

PHOTOS: D’banj Introduces The Artistes Signed Under His Record Label

Nigerian music star, D'banj who recently turned 34 on June 9 took to instagram today to introduce the artistes under his record label, DB Records.
The artistes includes his younger brother K-Switch, MossKriss and Ralph Kriss (brothers) and their first lady, Tonto Dikeh.
D'banj who said he now wants to be called Kiniun Funfun (White lion) had on his birthday, June 9 taken to instagram to annouce Nollywood actress cum singer, Tonto Dikeh who he calls the Duchess of DB records as the newest addition to the family.
Meet the family below

Mr Nigeria Dazzles In New Pre-Mr World Photos

Actor and model Emmanuel Ikubese, who is to represent Nigeria at the Mr World contest to be held today, June 15, shines in pre-competition photos.
Emmanuel Ikubese
Mister Nigeria 2014 is currently in the UK preparing for the big show at the Riviera International Conference Centre, Torbay, where he will compete with 45 other handsome men trying to prove he is the best.
It is none of a secret that the winner will receive $50,000 as a prize.
What else can we say but wish Emmanuel good luck and show you the fantastic photos of mister Smiley!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Threesome Sex In Car Leaves Two Lovers In Hospital

Two women sustained serious injuries after a steamed sex session in a car, Wenzhou, China.One of the insured women rescued after the crash in Wenzhou, China
One of the insured women rescued after the crash in Wenzhou, China
The trio met on a night out in and decided to get fun together in the automobile. But pleasant pastime was all over before it even started - being in a hurry the guy accidentally kicked the handbrake.
The car immediately rolled down a hill and crashed into a tree while the lovers' attention was focused on enjoyment. The perpetrator of the accident was not affected, while the young women were badly injured - one of them suffered internal bleeding.

Couple 'Murdered Teacher, Takes Selfies Next To The Corpse

A couple have been accused of murdering a former history teacher by injecting him with a lethal dose of heroin then afterwards proudly took 'selfies' next to the deceased.
L-R: Kirsty Edmondson                             Christopher Sawyers
23-year-old Kirsty Edmondson and her boyfriend 35-year old Christopher Sawyers were reported to have committed the crime on December 28 2013 after the deceased, Kenneth Chapman met up with the couple and they went back to his flat in Eccles, Greater Manchester, took drugs and when the victim fell unconscious the suspects administered the deceased with a lethal dose despite his comatose and intoxicated state, and they did so without his consent.
According to the Prosection, Tony Cross QC who told the court that they took over his house, from having sex on the deceased's bed and filming it while they lived with the corpse for up to a week in his apartment also said:

Two Teens Plunged To Their Death From 6th Floor Balcony While Having Sex

Two teens died after falling from a sixth floor balcony while having sex in London, UK.
Two students were kissing when suddenly they lost balance, fell more than from 20m and died instantly
Two students were kissing and cuddling when suddenly they lost balance, fell more than from 20m and died instantly
The incident occurred during a party dedicated to the end of exams. The students were having fun in a luxurious apartment while the pair secluded on the ill-fated balcony.
According to the eyewitnesses, a 19-year-old Anastasia and her 18-year-old friend Miguel were kissing and cuddling when suddenly they lost balance, fell more than from 20m and died instantly from catastrophic injuries.
"They were trying to have sex on the balcony. The guy was lifting the girl and putting her on the bannister, he kept on doing it. He was putting her on there – they were going back and forth. 
You could see they were doing some really dangerous stuff. The last thing I expected was to see them falling down. We just screamed," one of the neighbours said.

Nollywood Actress, Tonto Dikeh Flaunts $16,200 Bvlgari Earrings

Nollywood actress/singer, Tonto Dikeh who recently clocked 29 on June 9 is still in the celebration mood.
Tonto who shared photos of her many birthday cakes has shared another photo of $16, 200 Bvlgari earrings on instagram.
Tonto Dikeh who proudly bragged about the price of the earrings posted the photo below with caption: "Deze bvlgari earrings go for 16,200$ 6,900 tax free** #Dnt Argue wit mii,Go do ur research. #Checkurbvlgariwebsite

Tonto Dikeh is known to always flaunt her luxury accessories from her Rolex wristwatch to her diamond watch and bracelet.


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Actress, Evia Simon Talks About How Her Figure Embarrasses Her

Fast rising Nollywood actress, Eveshoyan popularly known as Evia Simon talks about how her behind has caused her embarrassments both from men and women, the issue of lesbianism in Nollywood.

Importance Of Sexual Moans

The art of sex is intensely interesting as every person acts and reacts in different ways. Studies have shown that moaning during sex has mutual benefits for both partners involved in the lovemaking act.

Making love to a motionless and and voiceless mate is like having it with a log of wood or a dead body. No doubt, feedback is important. Otherwise, how can you determine what works for your partner and what does not?
Here are some of the great importance of moaning during sex:

Assurance of Pleasure

You might be the "soft-moans" type, or the "the-scream-aloud" type and amazingly, and even the facial expressionist but all in all, when any of these sexual communication methods is used, your partner, one way or the other knows you enjoy he or she is doing you right at that moment.

Oiling the Ego of your man
No man wants to be seen as a failure in the bedroom department. Ladies, each time you moan or communicate sexually to him, you remove some residual insecurities of low self esteem and many more from your man. He goes about the day's activities fulfilled!

Great and enhanced sexual lifestyle

Rihanna Falls In Love Again (See Photos)

Popular singer Rihanna is so in love and this time, it is with not with a man but with her cousin Noella Alstrom's little baby.
Rihanna who is always in the news for going out without bra or baring her bum is showing her fans a very different side of her.
The Barbadian singer took to her Twitter handle to show her maternal side in a series of adorable photos which she took with her cousin's baby who was born at the beginning of June.

She shared another photo of her cuddling the little girl with the caption, "My aunty rules."
She shared a close up photo of her little niece sleeping in her hospital bed while keeping a tight grip on a tattoed finger apparently belonging to her aunt Rihanna.
By the looks of these photos she would definitely make a loving mommy.
Rihanna was recently honoured with the Fashion Icon Award at the annual Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards (CFDA) and she made sure she stole the show with her very revealing View image on Twitter

My Wish At 34 Is To Get Married- D’banj

Nigerian entertainer, D'banj who recently took to instagram to unleash the RARE ONE (White Lion) on his 34th birthday on Monday, June 9 gives his reasons for the introduction.
D’banj while celebrating his birthday on Monday at Four Points Hotel by Sheraton in Lekki, told journalists his wish at 34 is to get married while saying he is in the habit of changing his name when he is about to begin a new project, and the best name that fits his status now is ‘’Kiniun Funfun’’ so henceforth he would like to be addressed as Kiniun Funfun (White lion).
D'banj speaking on if he considered the impression it might create in the minds of his fans said:
 “Yes, I considered all this before announcing it to the public today.  As I said, Kiniun funfun is a rare breed. Look at me, how many people are like me in this world? There is none. It is FG, which means ‘Favour of God’ and not Federal Government.”